Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letter to Brittany 9/28/2010


Yes I got your package and it was awesome! Those Japanese candies were way yummy, thank you! And thanks for the pictures and my ipod! And the new wallet! It's nice to have something cool to put all my junk in. I've lost my blue meal card so many times here it's not even funny so this is helping.

So I don't know if you know this but I have less than a month left in the MTC! I am so excited and nervous!! (Ok, if this letter seems weird like I'm loopy, it's because I'm writing this letter at 6 in the morning.) Anywho, I'm going to send you or mom my memory card before I leave so you can see what the MTC is like for me! Should I send it to you, or to Mom? Hmm, probably you. Or mom. I don't know. The MTC is making me crazy, the food is hard on my stomach and the studying is filling my brain. But I am really enjoying it here. I am meeting a lot of cool people and I've seen like ten or fifteen people I know from school/church/home. And I'm learning a lot fo Japanese and a lot of gospel principles. It's a blast.

Hmm, so you want advice about reading the Ensign? Well I had this talk with one of my teachers already about this and he told me that the word of the living prophet is more important than our scriptures because it is modern revelation for us. I don't think it's more important, but I do think that you should read the Ensign each month.

Ah, well this letter has been weird and crazy and I think I need to check my laundry. I just want to say that I love you and I'm grateful for the things you do for me. Keep reading your scriptures and letting me know about the impressions you get.

Love, Robert

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