Thursday, September 2, 2010

Email from Robert, Part Two

Yes! I get the ten minutes of email time back that I lost this morning. The MTC computers are really ghetto and some things glitched out so I didn't get time to email you, but I checked with the tech place and they gave me my time back.'s good to be able to send you an email.

So that package of food you guys sent me was monstrous. Like, I had a lot of friends before but now...haha just kidding. Thanks again, for everything. I'm going to try and smuggle some on the flight to japan. I don't think i'm going to be able to finish it all.

Ok, so I've forgotten to tell Mom the story of the Japanese guy being converted for two weeks now. If you could forward this email to her that be awesome. Here it goes!

In Japan, there was this guy, the speaker, and he was curious about God. Two elders from our church met him and taught him the lessons. He was reading the scriptures and after a few months he developed a strong testimony for them. His parents were hard core Buddhists though and they would not allow him to be baptized. The dad said that he would kill himself with a knife if his son was baptized because of the same that it would bring to the family. So the japanese investigator told the missionaries that he couldn't be baptized. Months went by and the Japanese man continued to read the scriptures. He prayed that God would soften the hearts of his parents. Finally, they agreed to let him be baptized. He was so happy, but there was one condition. He wasn't allowed to serve a mission.

Ah! I'm out of time. I'll finish the story next week!

I love you Brittany. Stay awesome.


PS I haven't had soda for 3 weeks

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