Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 17, 2011

Dear Mom,

I`m doing way well, this transfer is coming to close and it has indeed
been a good one. This transfer was extended a week so instead of
ending this last thursday, it ends this thursday. I will let you know
about transfer calls and what not. It`ll be great :)

How`s life in the Gregory family?

So I actually forgot to mention something last week because it slipped
my mind on April 6th, my companion was in a terrible bike
accident. He crashed and flew down about 10 stairs going about 30
miles an hour. I watched the whole thing happen, and I seriously
thought he died or at the very least thought he was going to have
broken bones and be sent home. I ran down the stairs, helped him sit
up, and gave him a priesthood blessing and said that he`d be healed
and that he wouldn`t go home. As I said the blessing, there was blood
streaming down his face, he was shaking and crying, and it didn`t look
like what I felt prompted to say was going to be true. Right after the
blessing, we walked down a hill and ran into an investigator who we
hadn`t been able to meet the whole transfer. I had never even seen his
face and Elder Harvard didn`t remember to much...he was dazed from the
crash obviously and didn`t remember he was in Japan. But anyways, it
was a miracle we met this guy and we went to a hospital together. The
hospital workers said it`d be a two hour wait, so we went to another
hospital by taxi. I called my district leader and apparently the
investigator we had accidently run into called some church members he
knew and shortly after we arrived at the second hospital, 4 church
members and two other missionaries were there to help and support us.
I suppose you are wondering how he is. He`s sitting across from me,
completely healed. He had stitches on his face but that`s healed
surprisingly face and the only thing that remains to be noticed is two
chipped teeth. Three days after the accident we were at church in
general conference and then we taught our english class. We`ve still
been out working and Elder Harvard has been a champ through it all.

The Lord has really blessed us through this trial. Doors have been
opened to us while we`ve housed and people are starting to listen.
We`ve progressed with people we found at the beginning of the
transfer. Trust with members has increased. Probably the biggest
miracle happened yesterday, a family came after church and wanted to
talk with me. Apparently the guy had been baptized over 10 years ago
and then went inactive. Now he wants to come back and his wife and kid
both want to be baptized. So if I`m here next transfer, I`ll get to
see at least two wonderful people baptized! And they are awesome. Oh
and a part member family came to church for the first time in a long
time and I introduced myself to them. I talked with them for a long
time and it was awesome. THe husband who is not a member is awesome
and he likes me. We set up an appointment this friday! Anyways, lots
of blessings!

I really liked your email especially what you said about the return
missionaries and President Brignon. I love analogies and parables and
have been trying to impliment them into my teaching. What President
Brignon said especially rang true to my heart. There are several less
actives and investigators that need to hear what President Brignon

There`s an Elder in my district from Hawaii and I think he might know
the girl who had her arm bit off. Oh wait, no, he just said that he
only saw her book in Borders. Well, that`s pretty cool. It`s
definitely an inspirational story.

I love you Mom! Don`t forget that. Be safe and don`t go surfing in
shark infested waters. And don`t ride your bike down stairs. That`s