Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey Dad,

It was great hearing from you. I'm glad you and the family are happy and out building snowmen. That definitely falls under the category of whole recreational activities! I'm jealous you all got to ride ATV's! It must have been way fun, and I'm was terrified to be driving with Miles haha. Recently the only vehicular fun I've had is on my bike. I've been practicing wheelies, riding on raised 4 inch wide curbs, and drifting. We have a lot of long rides here in Iizuka, so I have a lot of practice time of stunts. My last companion rode everywhere as fast as he could and I loved that because it meant more dendo time.

Was that sarcasm from my father? "I'm not that into [the Superbowl] anyway"? That's funny, I'll never be one to watch on sunday, but Monday Superbowl is a blast!

Well dad, I love you very much. I'm glad some of your problem cases are settling. I'll keep praying for you and for success. Well, looks like it's time for district meeting. Love you


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