Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear Mom,
I didn't get the first email but I got the one you resent on February 1st so thank you so much for that. By the way, my p day hasn't changed, we just don't have a place that's close to Iizuka to email so we do it before district meeting on tuesday at the mission home. So please don't feel neglected! (Did you get my email last week?)

How was Flagstaff? I bet it was a blast! I definitely have some good memories of family trips up there. And I remember Miles biffing it on his ATV as well. I remember when I went off that sand dune and dropped 30 feet. Good times, still have the scar on my chin! It sounds like you had a very good gospel doctrine class as well. I hadn't thought about the fact that Adam and Eve didn't have blood in the garden. That's very interesting. Blood gives us life but it definitely an imperfect that a perfect body must do without. Well, as I age, I will be grateful that it is only a reminder of my Heavenly Father and that I must surely stand before Him one day.

I was wondering about my patriarchal blessing. Did you know you can call Salt Lake and have them send you a new one? I really, really would like that if you could do that for me. I'm coming up on about 6 months this week so I would be grateful to get it when you can!

Thank you so much for the emails and the letters. I wrote a letter to you and dad this last week. Tell Miles and Matthew I'll write them big letters next week! I love you.


Wow, so I just discovered that I had your email from alst week, and it was fantastic! Thank you so much. To answer your question about basketball, yes! I played with some investigators and my companion for the first time on my mission. They were pretty good but they didn't stand a chance against a 6 foot 1 American. It was way fun though. The old investigator in my last area I think is getting baptized this next saturday, I'm still way stoked, even though I don't get to be there.

We're teaching some way good people we found recently, I think we might have a baptism at the end of this transfer or the beginning of next one. We're going to do the commitment soon so wish us luck!

Man, ribs sound amazing. I am way jealous.


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