Friday, February 4, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hey Dad,

Sorry my email is getting out to you a day late, I think we're going to have to start emailing on tuesday mornings before district meeting. It's cool because we get to see the AP and the mission president, not too mention the temple (i'm under the temple as of this moment!). And it's free and not far away so that's the main reason. So yes! I'm glad I have the chance to be emailing you today.

This last week has been fun, it's been snowing! We've had to do a lot of walking dendo, which feels a little more ineffective than bike dendo, but as long as we can invite people to come unto Christ we are doing what we have been called here to do. Right now our main focus is getting people to church! We have the most beautiful church building in Iizuka (it's three stories tall and probably bigger than the gilbert ward building) but only 20 people or so come to church. They used to have about 50 active members but a bunch of big families moved away which really shrank the ward. So we're going to "fill the rows" as my companion said it. There are so many good people investigating and the Lord is really blessing this area so I'm confident we'll be able build up this ward.

I laughed when I read that Miles threw up his hands...what a funny kid! I'm curious to know if there was any scolding after everyone returned back home. At least Miles has a good strong testimony. I've been thinking about where he"ll probably serve recently too, and there are just a ton of places that come to mind. I keep thinking China but it's too far away from letting people in to do missionary work yet. So maybe he'll be off to Eastern Europe. Wherever it is, I'm sure he's going to do great.

Well sorry this is short, I still need to email mom. I wrote the family letters, they should be there in 10 days or so. Keep working hard! Love you dad.


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