Friday, February 4, 2011

January 26, 2011

Dear Mom/Family,

Here`s the big news...I transferred! I`m in my second area now with my third companion and it is great! And SOOO cold! My goodness, I had a short sleeve shirt on under my suit coat when I left Okinawa and when I arrived in Fukuoka I knew I was in trouble. my usual evening dendo dress is my garments, a white shirt, a sweater, my suit coat and a big jackets. That`s a ton of layers! I feel like a girl when I go to get dressed (at least I don`t need to accessorize!). Sorry mom, no`s difficult for this boy. So anywho, I`m in Iizuka with Elder Ainge and it is so awesome here. The branch is 19 active members but we are in a building that is 3 stories tall and so beautiful. I`ll take a picture of it and send it to you guys sometime soon but I`m pretty sure it`s bigger than the one in Gilbert. So our job right now is to fill this building! It`s quite a task, but the Lord has prepared a way for us! The branch president here is the dad of one of my MTC friends, which is so cool. He is way genki and he instantly loved me, I`m excited to be here!

Wow, good Subway story. I`m hungry! I`d watch out for fingers in my food here if there weren`t so many other things to watch out for! haha just kidding, the food here is great. I actually was introduced to a new drink which became my favorite drink! IT is Panacake drink. Tastes like pancakes. And it`s so good on a cold day. It comes from the vending machine way hot and so it keeps me warm in the special way only Pancake Drink can. I will be sure to send the family some to try in my next package back home. You`ll have to heat it up though!

That`s so cool that Miles blessed the sacrament for the first time! I think on my first time I messed up...hopefully he did better than I did! Man, I just tried typing that sentence as fast as I could and it was way fast! I think I`m going to start typing as fast as I can for the rest of my mission so all my emails will be longer! Anywho, I`m way happy for Miles that he was able to bless the sacrament. I`m sure Matthew is excited for the day when he gets to do it too!

I`ve started emailing Parker which is way good. He`s such a stud and I know he`s going to tear it up in France. He told me that the people who drive buses there were on strike so he and his companion are having to walk everywhere. I thought that was pretty funny. I don`t think strikes are possible here in Japan. There are always a hundred people to fill the position if someone doesn`t like it or doesn`t want to do it.

Well mom, I love you very much! I love the family and I`m excited to share with you what`s going on here. I sent dad an email that tells a little bit more about Iizuka, hopefully he shares! Take it easy!


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