Friday, February 4, 2011

January 31, 2011

Dear Mom,

How's everything going? Is life treating you well? I missed your email this week, hopefully everything ok! How goes moving preparations?

So right now I'm under the Fukuoka temple. It's so pretty here in Fukuoka and the temple just makes everything so much more beautiful. Yesterday, we went out with a member in Chukushino and some other missionaries for all you can eat shabu shabu so we didn't have time to email yesterday. I think we're going to start emailing on tuesday mornings now, just for a heads up! But anywho, the food was so good. And the member who paid for us was hilarious. He told us that we can get "fat for free" whenever we want because he had so much help from members on his mission. So I got fat for free yesterday.

So recently we've been meeting with a recent convert who is from Jamaica. He married a Japanese girl and they moved to Japan and he is so out of place here. Him and his wife are going through some hard times right now and are living separated with a 1 year old baby living with the mom. He got baptized and came unto Christ to fix his life and he's on the right track, but he still needs help. Are there any scriptures that come to mind? If you could give me any advice, that'd be wonderful.

Sorry this is so short, we're about to head out for district meeting. I love you. Tell everyone I love them and tell Matthew and Miles I wrote and sent letters!


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