Sunday, January 2, 2011

To Mom

Dear Mom,

I`m glad to hear that Christmas went well. I like what President Laney said about not spending a lot of money for Christmas...I got you all presents that aren`t the most pricey...but they`ll make you laugh and feel loved. It was so good being able to talk to you and everyone as well. I constantly pray for Pepa, that he`ll accept the Dad`s email, he said that Pepa was touched so that was so good to hear. I`ll have to write him a letter sometime soon.

Miles is a stud, I think that`s funny that he complimented you and dad on your gospel knowledge. You and dad always have good insights...thank you so much for what you said about faith. I have been recently studying faith. The way we show it is by our actions and I know that as a missionary, that means I have to obey all the rules! Way good.

Sorry this is short, I love you mom. Have a fantastic week!


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