Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

Dear Mom/Family,

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and the email! I died laughing when I saw the first picture of Matthew doing who knows what. Probably blowing out candels but it looked like he was a martian brain sucking alien. A good impression of the guy from Rocketman, if I must say. It was also good to know that Miles uses the black vans (shoes)! I miss those shoes...and Miles too :p

Dad would make a great ward mission leader! Man, That`s awesome that that`s his new calling. Dad, keep up the good work. Otsukaresama! Right now we are actually working in 2 areas because there were more returning missionaries then arriving missionaries last transfer.

Baptism stats. I think in Fukuoka there are 110 missionaries (10 of whom are senior couples who do office work and such) and there were 180 baptisms or so last year. It was up like 30 baptisms from the year before so that was great and we already have a good start on this year. France definitely sounds like a tough place at the moment. I`m sure Parker`s going to help it improve! Speaking of which, if you could email me his mission address, that`d be great!

It`s cool that you are reading the New Testament. I`m going through it everyday as well and I`m really enjoying the parables more than I ever did. Oh and I found an interesting scripture. Ephesians 4:4-6. There is one Spirit, One Lord, and One God. 1+1+1 equals 3! So anyone who says the Godhead is one person should read this scripture. It`s in the Bible. It also says there is one baptism meaning there are a lot of churches that are wrong. Only one can be right, and I bear my testimony to you and to everyone that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the one true Church. It is called after the name of Christ and in His name we exercise His priesthood to do His will. I love you all. Keep praying for me. I pray for all of you everyday.


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