Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5, 2010

Dear Mom and Family

I hope everything is going well! I`m so glad that it`s p day and I get to email you and the family? How is everyone?

No, no more mishaps. Elder Hardy and I have been quite safe and I know it`s because of your prayers. I did get caught in a crazy rainstorm this last week without my kappa (rain suit I got from a missionary) and we were soaked! I took of my shoes right when it started sprinkling because they were my nice ones and it was time to go home anyways! I have a basket on the back of my bike that I inherited from another dying missionary so I put them in there and they were safe. I rode back with just socks on...haha, good times!

Elder Hardy leaves this Thursday at around 7 in the morning and my new companion should be getting in around 12. I find out who it is this next Wednesday! I am nearly 100% sure I`m staying in Yonabaru too, they wouldn`t white wash this area twice in a row. This area was really struggling before this transfer. That`s why they sent in Elder Hardy (he was a zone leader for 7 transfers (each transfer is 6 weeks) so he`s an awesome missionary). We`ve been tearing it up here too. Last night I asked someone to be baptized and they said yes! He`s a boy that`s been brought into the church by other members and his mom is okay with him being baptized. The mom came to the lesson last night too, and she is a total kinjin which is missionary language for golden investigator. She`ll get baptized too next transfer. I know it. But yes, so Ryuta is getting baptized Christmas day. "I`m dreaming of a white Christmas..." It`ll be my first baptism in Japan...well...first baptism ever! Also, one of our other investigators recently said that after a lesson, she realized this message (of Christ`s gospel) has so much more meaning than it had before. She`ll get baptized next transfer too! And there is one other investigator who is a kinjin. When the other missionaries who were meeting with her asked her to pray about Joseph Smith and his experience, she said "what if I already know it`s true?" it was an issue. So I think Yonabaru will see at least 3 baptisms in the next 6 weeks or so. I`m way stoked!

The people in the spider infested building have been hard to contact recently. One`s a college student from Nepal and he`s way busy. The other is a high school student and high school is way difficult as well. We haven`t been afraid to go back though.
I`ll be writing you a long letter this week and I`ll draw you a picture too! Does that sounds good to you? When I come back home I`ll be bringing you a lot of cool presents and toys from Japan...they have some really cool stuff here! I really miss you and I think about you when I`m having a hard time. It makes me happy to think of your smiling face! Have fun at home and be good to Mom, Dad and Miles, ok? I love you little brother!
I`ve got a question? Has President Margetts emailed you or called you recently about my debit card? It`s not working for some reason and I think it`s because the bank may have forgotten I`m overseas. Darn Wells Fargo...I trusted them!!! So I paid Elder Hardy back with money partially from the 60 some odd American dollars I just got exchanged (don`t need them) and then some from my MSF so no worries about debts. I`m all square. But just in case of an`d be nice to have! Arigatoo gozaimasu! Oh, by the way, thank you so much for the sacrifices you are making for me. Be sure to tell Uncle Craig that too. I`ll never forget what you guys are doing for me.

I love you family!


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