Monday, December 13, 2010

To Matthew on December 13, 2010

Dear Matthew

Are you having a good time? You are going to be 6 soon! You are growing up so fast. I wrote you a letter this week telling you I love you. I also made you a picture of`s a surprise but you should get it right around Christmas I hope.

I am having a very good time in Japan. I am telling a lot of people about Jesus Christ and how He is our Savior and Redeemer. I`ll come back soon, but first I need to finish my mission. It`s so important to go on a mission. When you go on a mission I hope you write me lots of letters! Right now, I am teaching a small boy. He believes in Jesus Christ and wants to get baptized. He`s going to get baptized on Christmas day! I`m going to call you on Christmas eve or Christmas day and tell you about it, does that sound good?

I love you Matthew. You are a very special boy and I`m excited to be there for your baptism in two years. Be nice to everyone and make lots of friends!



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