Monday, November 29, 2010

November 28, 2010


How`s everyone doing?! I`m going to start asking for an accounting from each of you! Yes you too Matthew! I get emails from Mom and Dad, but I`d like to hear from my brothers, if possible.

My mouth was definitely watering after I read about the monkey bread and the delicious turkey. I myself had turkey as well! All of the Okinawan stakes (2) hold a big get togethers each year on one of the American bases and eat a real Thanksgiving dinner. It was way better than anything else I could`ve eaten in Japan, although it doesn`t compare to what I normally would eat with you! I had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing (nowhere near the Gregory standard), and rolls. So good! After the meal, I went and played some basketball with some Marines, which was a fun. Member Marines are hilarious. Most are converts and have tattoos and probably used to have a language problem. So now they say things like crap, shoot, and crapshoot. Pretty funny stuff.

So Miles, how was videos games with the Craig-micester? Have you been played Battlefield Vietnam or some other crazy game? One of my MTC district members always talked about Red Dead Redemption...sounded pretty ridiculous haha. Hopefully you`re focusing on the important things like pulling weeds and getting up at 5 to milk the cows. Haha, just kidding little keep up the good work though. If you learn to work hard, it`ll really prepare you for a mission. Oh, and ride your bike everyday if you can. There might be some massive hills where you`re going.

Thank you Mom for your prayers. They say if you mom prays for you, no harm or accident will happen to the missionary. Keep praying! I`ve had some ridiculous close calls with poles, cars, etc, but I won`t worry you. The Lord is looking out for me and I`m being as careful as I can.

I wrote the family letters this last week so you should be getting those soon! Except Brittany...I didn`t have time to finish it so I had to wait till today! Yours will be in the mail soon! I`ll be better about sending letters regularly, they`re way nice to receive! Well family, I love you all. Stay safe, be happy, and help out the gilbert missionaries! Member lessons are the way to go!


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