Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010

Hey Family!

I`m glad you got my letters the other day! Sorry I`m emailing you a day late, p day is almost always on monday but yesterday, we had a zone conference so it`s tuesday afternoon in japan and I am emailing you all! I sent you all letters too, so hopefully those get there way quick! If you don`t get them before you leave for california, just know that I love you all and I`ll be calling in just a few days! I`m going to start writing every week now, if I can, so please, write back!

It`s exciting to hear about moving to California! I`ll keep it on the low down until things are for sure and you give me the go ahead!

My new companion, Elder Tada is great. He doesn`t speak much English but he`s a really great guy and a good missionary. He was the Naha district leader and came down to be my breaker. A breaker is what missionaries call the second companion because he almost always does things differently than the trainer. And he does. I`m getting used to it. I`m definitely looking forward to when I`m senior and I get to dendo exactly how I want/think it should be done! But until that time I will be a supportive junior! Elder Tada eats a ton, but he`s still way fit. And he eats miso soup for breakfast. Weird. But I guess that`s Japanese culture for you. He`s actually really funny and he likes to joke around. We`ll definitely get along for the next 6 weeks.

I don`t know if I`ve gotten the package or not...I got a bunch of letters with some pictures inside which I am absolutely stoked for! Thank you so much everyone. Thank you Matthew, you are a sweet boy!

So I have a funny story. This last week was way crazy because it was transfer week so there are a lot of stories, but this one is great. I was riding my bike with Elder Hardy on our last day together and this giant bird on a telephone wire pooped on me. Like 5 times at once. Man, it was crazy. And it was like a 10 minute ride back to the apartment which was way embarrassing. I didn`t curse and I didn`t get mad at anyone so I would say I handled myself well (I would`ve shot the bird if I had a gun though). I sent my other memory card in the mail with the family`s letters so you`ll be able to witness the damage. It`s the first time I remember being pooped on and it blows a lot of other pooped-on-stories out of the water.

In other news, I had zone conference yesterday and it was great. The mission is so spiritual and yesterday was one of those days where it was tangible. The conference was centered on Christ and receiving revelation. In Preach My Gospel, it talks about how revelation is vital. Like oxygen is vital. So just a thought but give it a try...this next week, seek after revelation everyday. It`s been working wonders for me!

I love you all!


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