Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First email from Japan


It`s another P-day in Japan and the time is just flying by! This last week has been great too. There were a few days where we could not get a hold of anyone and very few people listened to us while we housed and streeted. The Lord really blessed us the other day though, and we saw huge success. The mission is just an awesome place of trials and blessings.

So I didn`t get a chance to write you all letters last week but I promise, I`ll be sending some today!

Matthew sounds like a very mature young man! It`s great to hear that he`s trying to make new friends and is doing better at accepting people.

This last week I met a guy who was Protestant which is way mezurashii...err, rare. We talked for half an hour about how there is a need for a prophet and he ended up telling my companion and I that he and his friend were prophets because they felt that they could receive revelation from God. Which is definitely true! Except for the part where he thought that he was a prophet. It made me better understand and realize that other religions do have true doctrine, such as being able to receive revelation from God, but that something gets skewed and it changes God`s true gospel.

Happy belated birthday Dad! I thought about you and your 51st birthday friday night and saturday morning here in Japan, which would`ve been november 5th back in the states. I hope you really enjoyed it and had fun with the Quiroz`s at dinner! I really can`t believe that you are 51! You can be Supaman and I`ll be Julius and we`ll grow old together (name the movie).

Christmas. Hmm, I can`t believe it`s getting to be that time already. Fun fact. In Japan, most everyone eats KFC for Christmas. The KFC mascot/person/dude is dressed up in a Santa suit outside a KFC here in Okinawa which I thought was hilarious. Anyways, I can`t think of anything I really need except for more pictures! And letters!

My companion and I went tracting near the beach the other day and the water was so clear! And there were only 5 people at this awesome beach. It was nuts. Okinawa is the poorest prefecture of Japan...I suppose the don`t have time to go play at the beach here.

Well, I love all of you. Let me know when you get my letters, so I know how long it takes.


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