Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey Family!

So it`s been another great week in Japan and it went by really fast. Other missionaries have been telling me that this is my slowest transfer so I`m a little nervous for what the rest of the mission is like! Shoot, it`ll be two years before I know it! I am absolutely loving it here, I love the people, I love the work, and I never thought I`d say this with as much emotion but, I really love learning! It`s great and I`m learning a lot and I`m being humbled alot. I make a lot of mistakes with regards to Japanese, but I suppose it`s the best way to learn.

Sundays are pretty crazy. To get to church, there are 2 monstrous hills that we have to bike up and it`s killer. I thought my legs were being prepared in the MTC from all the stairs I had to climb, but yonabaru has some beastly hills. Whew, at least they`ll keep me in good shape! But anywho, sunday meetings are great. I actually had to give a talk in sacrament this last sunday, which was intense. I wrote about half a talk in english and I just went up to the pulpit and said what I wanted to say in Japanese with more. Meetings go for several hours and as a missionary, there are meetings after church. So much fun!

I actually have one quick memorable mission story from this week. It rained. Like no where in America. I put on that raincoat we bought (and I had no rain pants either) and the raincoat became so saturated that it soaked through. To my bones! So I was drenched for 5 hours on Saturday, and we were able to teach one or two lessons in my soaked condition. I really did feel the Lord strengthen me though, and I survived! I didn`t get sick, which is a miracle! So I needed Japan strength rain gear which I actually got from an elder who is going home next transfer! So yes! That is all taken care of!

I`ll see if I can translate that poem today!

Well, it`s time for us to go, sorry this email was short. I love you all!


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