Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010



Hey family!

Are you all happy/healthy/fine? How are everyone's testimonies?

Next week I'll have something ready for you so i can type it out really quick. It's hard to type out kanji and hiragana! Anyways, I hope everyone is doing fine. It's cool to hear that you were in provo this last weekend. If would have run into you on saturday, that would've been the coolest! After my mission you all are going to have to meet my current companion. He's pretty awesome.

So how's california? How's the weather? Have you all stopped by the beach yet? Here in Provo it is absolutely wonderful. Good story actually. My district and I have been bummed because the soccer field has been closed...due to a sink hole!! (Which I definitely took pictures in!) Anyways, we've been bummed until recently when they opened it up again. So everyone runs out there and it is just the most prefect weather. And then followed the best soccer game of my life. Sigh, life at the MTC sure can be great sometimes.

This last week I have been talking with the Japanese missionaries who now come here instead of the Tokyo MTC. It's been great...I even had to translate for the 日本人宣教師 district leader in branch council and still take notes for my own district at the same time. Slightly difficult. So I just have to get this off my chest...I am so glad that I decided to stay here the whole 12 weeks instead of cutting my MTC time short. There's an elder who took 3 years of japanese in high school and he put on his application that he was fluent. He is definitely not anywhere near fluent. So now he's leaving with our group in two weeks and he's only been here for about two weeks. Oh man, he has got a lot of japanese to catch up on. I'm praying for him!

I love you guys. I'm glad that you are my family...you are all すばらしい which means you are all very wonderful. Be safe and enjoy life! I'll be seeing you in 22 months!


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